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All ads here are a work of fiction Ad School.

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Brewing Stories.   Writing Coffee.

I'm Brazilian...But raised in an Italian family.
I went to film school...And graduated in Advertising
I'm a writer...That built a career on Social Media.
I spent two years in New York...After planning a move to London.
What's my next plot twist? Let's chat and find out.

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Joan Creative

Copywriter (Intern)

GBR Communication Brazil

PR & Social Media Crisis Analyst

World Trade Center Business Club

Head of Content & Social Media


Fundaçāo Armando Alvares Penteado

BA in Social Communication

Miami Ad School New York
Copywriting Portfolio Program


Gold 2023

Muse Awards - Safety. For Everyone

Muse Awards - Stick Through It

NYX Marcom Awards - Stick Through It

Silver 2023

Vega Awards - Safety. For Everyone

Featured in

Ads of the World

Estadāo (Brazil)


Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian.